Traffic Advisory: Sat., Aug. 13 performance of Disney's Beauty & the Beast

Please allow additional travel time due to traffic from the Seawheeze Half Marathon & SeaWheeze Sunset Festival taking place in Stanley Park's Brockton Point from 4:30pm -11pm.


Traffic will be reduced to one lane on Stanley Park Drive from the round-about to Brockton Point. Traffic may slow on the way to Malkin Bowl.


Some parking will be reserved by SeaWheeze in the lots adjacent to Brockton Field. Additional parking spaces at the lots adjacent to Malkin Bowl may be taken up by SeaWheeze attendees. Please allow extra time to park and consider taking transit.


Expect increased traffic on buses and the Skytrain and possible delays. Several busses will be rerouted. Details can be found at Translink's alerts or by calling 604-953-3333.


Some sections of the seawall will be closed. Detours will be put in place.