Exchange Insurance & Rain-out Policy

Once a ticket is purchased, all sales are final and we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges unless a show is cancelled (see below).  

If you are concerned about inclement weather, or if you think you may have a reason that might prevent you from attending a performance, your option is to purchase EXCHANGE INSURANCE. Here is how it works:

  1. You must purchase EXCHANGE INSURANCE on the same day that you purchase your original ticket (NOTE: all 2018 Season Subscriptions include Exchange Insurance).
  2. AN EXCHANGE INSURANCE voucher costs $5 (this includes all taxes and fees).
  3. Each person that wants to come another night must have purchased EXCHANGE INSURANCE (for example, a party of four that wants to switch their dates together needs four EXCHANGE INSURANCE vouchers).
  4. You may exchange your EXCHANGE INSURANCE voucher for a ticket to another future performance up until 8:00PM of the date on your original ticket. For example, "I can't come tonight so I want to use my voucher for next week."
  5. You MUST exchange your voucher PRIOR to your show, either by e-mailing or by calling the TUTS office at 604-734-1917 or by presenting yourself in person at the TUTS Box Office.
  6. You must have your original voucher or order number.
  7. At the moment you redeem your voucher you must choose a future 2018 performance.
  8. We will do our very best to give you similar seats in your same price range but seating will be based on availability at the time that you redeem your voucher.
  9. AN EXCHANGE INSURANCE voucher may be used one time only.
  10. EXCHANGE INSURANCE is just that, insurance, and it is non-refundable whether it is used or not.


Regarding inclement weather, there is a long-standing tradition in theatre that ‘the show must go on’, and for outdoor theatre, that applies in all cases ‘EXCEPT ONLY WHEN THE AUDIENCE OR PERFORMERS MIGHT BE IN DANGER’, which might be due to severe weather and/or lightning. TUTS has a ticket exchange policy for any CANCELLED performance. A show may be either CANCELLED PRIOR to the start, or CANCELLED BEFORE OR DURING a performance. If a show is to be CANCELLED PRIOR to starting, it will be determined three (3) hours prior to each performance. A notice will be posted on our website and on our Box Office outgoing message at 604-734-1917. We also circulate an announcement through radio and media outlets. If safety becomes an issue before or during a performance, we may temporarily delay the start, or temporarily stop the production, for no more then 30 minutes. In the event of heavy rain during a performance, we distribute complimentary TUTS ponchos as needed (although we suggest bringing your own rain gear if skies are cloudy on the night you plan to attend). If it is deemed unsafe for the performance to continue, we will announce that we are CANCELLING the performance. In the event of a show being CANCELLED, either PRIOR to starting (3 hours in advance), or at any time BEFORE OR DURING a performance, all tickets from that performance will be honoured for a future performance of that same season. If you hold TICKETS for a cancelled performance, they may be used at any future performance for that season. Please come to the TUTS Box Office with your tickets from the day of the rain-out, or your confirmation number. You will be re-booked with the best seats available in your price category, on a first come-first served basis. Thank you for your understanding… and 'on with the show’!